Christmas Traffic Restrictions

MOT Town Centre Plaza Las PalmerasA week ago the Motril Town Hall announced its intention to pedestrianise the town centre during Christmas; i.e., up to the 5th in the afternoons.

However, the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Ángel Gijón, thinks it’s a great opportunity to make this a permanent arrangement, bless his cotton socks.

Sr. Gijón points out that in many cities this is already the case. He also considers that it is the only way to “revitalise” the town centre.

Furthermore, he says that unless something is done pretty soon, there won’t be any small businesses left at the rate they are disappearing.

He pointed out, however, that such a move needs to count on other measures, without mentioning which, but which would probably consist of public transport access and of course accessibility for deliveries.

Whatever the case, at present the affected streets are Calle Emilio Moré, Calle Seijas, Calle Lozano and their side streets, as well as around as the Plaza de Las Palmeras.

Editorial comment: you can do what you like to the town centre to save small businesses, but it will be futile, owing to the younger generation doing all their shopping online, and having permitted shopping centres comprising of large outlets on the outskirts of town.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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