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ALM Curumbico WorkBy the time that you read this, the controversial landslip above Playa Curumbico (Taramay, Almuñécar) will be approaching the 2nd-month mark.

This once virgin beach with an unspoilt backdrop is now a confusion of housing, so close to the beach that one wonders how permission was every given for it all.

According to the building promotors the landslip was caused by untreated sewage from a soak-away sewage disposal. According to everybody on the hillside, it was caused by the construction company doing what the hell they liked before a compliant Town Hall.

Whatever the cause, two houses were left dangling on the lip of the cliff left by the landslip, yet no emergency work has been carried out to shore up the hillside and prevent further damage.

It was on the 21st of November that the Town Hall municipal surveyor, Eduardo Zurita, visited the site of the landslip and ordered the company to carry out emergency work. On the 2nd of December they returned and found that no such work had been carried out.

Builders have been working on their construction work, but not on the emergency work needed, say locals.

These local residents are understandably angry, first of because the company has been acting with seeming impunity and secondly because they shouldn’t have been allowed to build in the first place, in their opinion – many would agree with them. They want the company to down tools completely where their project is concerned.

The company recognises that it hasn’t done any emergency work, arguing that they needed to draw up a project first, which, they claim will not leave it as it was before the landslip but in an even better state.

It was back on the 27th of May, 2009 that the Town Hall granted a building licence to the company, Berning Investments Inc to ‘renovate’ Casa Helios but in a short time they were ordered to stop by the Department of the Environment because they had exceeded the build limitations.

Then in 2013 the company started to move earth next to Casa Helios for an apartment complex in 2004, which was halted for environment reasons. Bear in mind we’re just metres from a beach. But they started up again later that year and nobody in authority lifted a finger.

Amongst the many ‘denuncias‘ received was for dumping used oil from their machinery into the barranco, just a few metres from the beach. They were fined a hefty amount by the Junta for this.

The origin to all this was Casa Helios that was built back in Franco’s days and so much time had passed that it could not be demolished despite it being so close to a beach. This was the house that the said company decided to renovate and the loophole through which this whole sorry affair sprang.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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