Ramming into a Patrol Car

AXA Guardia Car AccidentA foreigner, whose nationality was not made known, managed to collide with a Guardia Civil vehicle, which is not recommended.

The accident occurred around 22.30h on the A-366 where it passes through the municipality of Casarabonela in the Comarca del Valle de Guadalhorce (Málaga).

In the said police car there was only the driver, who received an injury to his leg, and who was on his way to Tolox to pick up another officer to carry out a patrol together.

Not content with ramming a Guardia Civil patrol car by mistake, the foreign driver then attempted to run off – again, not recommended – but was captured by the hobbling policeman with the aid of a drawn pistol and a suitable Dirty Harry quote, perhaps.

Despite his injuries he managed to detain the culprit and close the road, marking the exact spot of the accident.

(News: Tolox, Axarquia, Malaga, Andalucia)

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