Woman Attacks Cops in Station

AXA Woman Threatens Police with knife in Police StationThe Policía Nacional arrested a young woman who threatened to kill an officer at the Torre del Mar police station. The 24-year-old Spanish woman was armed with a knife at the time.

Nobody was injured although the police station toilets were in high demand.

The incident took place on a Thursday evening towards the end of last month in the said Comisaria (police station) on Avenida de Colón, which is in the northern part of Torre del Mar.

The officer on duty at the desk noticed somebody “behaving suspiciously” outside in the car park.  The woman was dressed in dark clothes and was busy banging on the parked patrol cars.

He quickly called for back up from a near by patrol car, which arrived promptly and the woman was questioned, upon closer inspection of the parked vehicles, there was no sign of damage.

The woman was no stranger to the police, apparently, and given her ‘excitable mood’ they requested medical assistance so that she could be given a sedative

However, whilst they were waiting for the ambulance to arrive, things went pear shape because she whipped out a knife with a 15-cm blade, with glee. She then just happened to mention, “I’m going to kill a policeman,” which didn’t go down well.

The police officers response was to call for more back up. One of the officers dug out a riot shield and used it to subdue the woman. All this was happening outside the station amongst the parked police vehicles.

When the ambulance arrived she was quickly sedated, which she was not too keen on but the medics point of view prevailed.

The regional representative fot the police officers union, Unificado de Policía (SUP), Mariló Valencia, congratulated the police officers in being able to subdue the woman without injury to themselves or the woman. She also took the opportunity to reiterate their long-standing demand for protective wear; i.e., knife vests, etc, as well as intermediate defence weapons, such as taser guns.

Editorial comment: well, the woman can thank her lucky stars that this did not take place in the United States… because we all know how that would have ended.

(News: Torre de Mar, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)


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