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PP Restaurant FirmvmI went round to Restaurante Firmvm in Almuñécar because I had heard from Nacho, who used to run Árbol Blanco with his brother, and who now heads the former.

I hadn’t heard from him for a couple of years so it was a pleasure to know that he hadn’t been kidnapped by Martians and was now running this select restaurant in the Plaza de Damascus. He told me that he had worked for a couple of years in Hotel Helios before receiving an invitation from José Andrés (Manager of Hotel Victoria Playa and owner of Firmvm) to run his restaurant.

So, how do you find out what’s cooking under a new boss? Simple, sit down and eat, which I did, choosing the Menu del Día. The price was 30 euros, which is expensive for this type of choice, yet under-priced considering the quality of the food and service.

Just the fact that it was four courses is an indication of this. The dishes are exactly the same as those on the main menu. Service was swift and the presentation (choice of tableware and food arrangement) made me feel a bit shabby in my motorbike jacket and helmet-moulded hair.

Now, I only have limited space for this article, Dave tells me, as the paper edition is nearly closed and only awaiting these culinary jottings, so I shall conclude with, for God’s sake, hurtle through the door at the soonest opportunity, greet Nacho and come armed with a suitable degree of hunger.

(News/Business: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)



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