Bather Rescues Whale

AND Whale RescuedA young man in a neoprene suit managed to save the life of a beached whale in Torre de Benagalbón (Málaga) on Friday.

It was nine in the morning when 35-year-old, Zeus Leiva received a call from a colleague to say that there was a stranded whale in the surf, so without thinking twice, he donned his diving wear and set off for the beach.

The distressed animal, a common minke whale or northern minke whale, was being rolled around in the surf when Zeus reached it and his first attempts to get the whale off the sand and head it towards deeper water failed. Yet, in a little under a minute, he managed just that.

The whole sequence was captured on a mobile-phone camera and posted on social media and Whatsapp where it went viral.

One of the people that commented on the online video was the Mayor of Rincón de la Victoria and Chairman of the Provincial Council, Francisco Salado (PP), who commented, “That’s the way it should always be between animals and people.” Perhaps he should mention that to the next steak that lands on his plate.

The Biologists from the Aula del Mar, Jesús Bellido and Juan José Castillo explained that this type of dwarf whale is common in the Mediterranean yet cases of them becoming stranded on beaches in Andalucía are far from frequent.

According to Wikipedia: “It is the smallest member of the rorquals and the second smallest species of baleen whale. Although first ignored by whalers due to its small size and low oil yield, it began to be exploited by various countries beginning in the early 20th century. As other species declined larger numbers of common minke whales were caught, largely for their meat. It is now one of the primary targets of the whaling industry.”

(News: Torre de Benagalbón, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia – Photo: Raúl Postigo

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