Salobreña Floods Again

SAL FloodingThe Mayor of Salobreña has responded to criticism from opposition party, Más Costa Tropical concerning the flooding at the top end of town yesterday.

PMAS Salobreña issued a press release claiming that the flooding was down to the governing party’s incompetence. They basically said that they should have got it right the first time because the Mayor couldn’t expect the townsfolk to pay for another round of roadworks to sort the problem.

Mayor M.ª Eugenia Rufino, fired back that PMAS were trying to confuse people despite knowing full well “the real reason behind the flooding.”

“The problem this morning near the entrance to town around 10.00h was caused by the inappropriate release of irrigation water,” she said, adding, “proof  of this is that once this was put right by the maintenance department, the rain-drainage system worked correctly.”

For this reason, she considers that the putting into question of the new drainage system by the PMAS Spokesperson lacks all fundament.

Finally, she said that she would call a meeting with the irrigation cooperative to make sure that they do not open up the sluice gates again in such circumstances.

Editorial comment: the problem is that the lower town is sitting on what was once sugar-cane fields that required the naturally abundant water just beneath the vega. Sugar cane was a thirsty crop so its very presence helped regulate excess water. Furthermore, cultivated land absorbs rainfall; asphalt does not.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Alfonso Bustos)

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