False Rape Accusation

AND Fuengirola PaseoA young woman reported to the police in Fuengirola that she had been gang raped by three dark individuals. It turned out to be a lie.

She described the alleged rapists as being corpulent, dark skinned and wearing hijabs (Muslim clothes). The police were even close to arresting one man that answered that description.

Fortunately, before any arrests could be carried out, she confessed that she had made it all up in order to attract the attention of a youngman that she liked.

The Unidad de Familia y Mujer (UFAM) belonging to the Fuengirola police station began their investigation on the 3rd of September after they received a phone call from a young woman to say that her flatmate had been raped. Her flat companion told her that it had happened the previous night/early morning.

Her lie obviously got out of hand for the supposed rape victim when the flatmate insisted on informing the police.

The police went around to the flat and following established protocol, took her to a hospital for an examination to trace biological traces from the assailants.

They then took her back to the station and took a written statement. They accompanied her to the street where she said she had been attacked and raped but she began to be uncooperative and the details given contradictory.

She later broke down and confessed that she had fallen in love with a lad but who had not been showing her much attention so she invented the story to gain his sympathy etc.

She was immediately arrested.

She has been charged with making a false statement and faking the existence of a crime. She will also be charged with wasting police time and hospital resources.

(News: Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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