Discontent in Rubite

Sunday, August 11, 2019
By Martin Myall

ALP RubiteThe Motril law courts have found a worker at the Rubite Town Hall guilty of attacking a conservative (PP) councillor.

She was handed down a 4-month, suspended sentence and ordered to pay a fine of 150, plus 100 euros in compensation (arguably, a bargain).

The condemned woman will not have to actually go to prison unless she commits another crime within the next three years.

The incident took place on the 10th of last month on one of the streets in the said village where the aggressor crossed paths with the female PP councillor. She began by recriminating her work as a councillor, continuing to say, “you’re like this because you lost the elections, you sow! The only thing you like is screwing everybody over.”

Thus, so far, not the typical cheery greeting that one would have learnt during one’s Spanish classes.

However, inspired by her own exuberance, the aggressor grabbed the alarmed councillor by the throat and etched a map of the London Underground on the victim’s skin with her fingernails.

Upon parting company the victim went to the nearest medical centre where her injuries were noted so that she could denounce her aggressor before the Guardia Civil.

As both work at the said town hall, there might be a spot of radioactive glaring going on in the singed halls of the building.

(News: Rubite, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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