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The Windy City

GRA C&M Fallen Tree 22OC23

Yes, it was mighty windy last night, nowhere more so than Granada and it not only caused material damage but at least one person was seriously injured.

A Very Windy Day!

MOT Storm Hit Beaches Playas

The Granada coastline will face the force of a gale tomorrow, moving in from the north, bringing with it winter temperatures… at last!

Devoured by the Surf

LHR Yacht Aground Now Wrecked

The yacht that ran up onto the rocks at the eastern end of La Herradura Bay yesterday didn’t last the night – this morning the hull and deck are destroyed.

Stricken Pine Removed

One of the pines on the Cerro de la Virgen (Motril) had been literally ripped out by the roots by the gale. Cerro de la Virgen is the church on hill next Parque de las Américas.

More Trees Down

The Almuñécar fire service was called out over half a dozen times during the last weekend (19/20th), thanks to the gale, which has brought rain and a sharp drop in temperatures.