Motril’s Missing Refuse Lorry

MOT LimdecoThe Motril opposition party, Vox, has denounced the fact that a municipal rubbish lorry is stuck in a garage workshop in Sevilla because the Town Hall won’t cough up.

The refuse lorry  is in Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla), the Vox party claims, and the only thing that it is keeping it there is that the Mayor is unwilling to pay the 100 euros that it would cost to bring it back; i.e., the cost of the driver and the fuel.

The vehicle, which is a specialised one used for collecting rubbish from the underground bins, was sent there for repairs, which have since been carried out.

It is the custom in Spain for a new administration to have 100 days grace; i.e., 100 days to settle in before the opposition parties start their attacks, yet 100 days have certainly not passed since the elections.

Vox acknowledges this but said that the town cannot be deprived of this vehicle 100 days, which is why they are bringing it up now. In fact, the party has offered to pay the 100 euros up front and for the Town Councillor to pay it back later.

Things are never as simple as politicians make them out to be and there is probably more to it than a simple sum of 100 euros. Nevertheless, the Mayor recently posed for press photographers with a high-pressure hose in her hands, spraying down the area in front of rubbish bins, stating something along the lines of, “we’ve already started cleaning up this town.”

It would be rather unfortunately for her if this vehicle affair were to be true after having made a song and dance about how the town was being cleaned up so efficiently.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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