Almuñécar Super Toddler

ALM Super Toddle 01There is a 2-year girl in the municipality of Almuñécar that has an IQ of 146, who can read, write and knock out simple tunes on her keyboard.

Claudia Aranda González was able to read aged only 11 months, now she can take dictations. She can point out countries in an atlas and…. and she can name famous paintings in a book.

The mother said that she noticed that her daughter was learning far beyond the capacity for her age before her first birthday: she had completely memorised all her Disney, Frozen stories. From there she was reading books for children in 1st-year, school education. The mother also confessed that sometimes she has to study something at night in order to be able to show her something new in the morning… and the girl takes about 15 minutes to soak it up.

Medical reports from psycologists and psychiatrists put the child’s IQ at 146, something that only one percent of the population reach. The average IQ lies between 90 and 110. People who have 120 or 130 are considered as having a “high interlectual capacity.” Claudia, therefore, is exceptional.

It is very important, experts point out, that besides providing the child with motivation and stimulus, it must also be accompanied by adequate social and emotional development. And that’s what worries her parents; i.e. adequate stimulus when she begins schooling.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: still from video)

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