Body of Missing Frenchman Found

SPN Frenchman DiesA Frenchman, resident of Peñíscola, went missing on the 27th of May and then on the 6th of June they found a folder with his car docs on a beach.

The police widened the search area to cover where the folder was found and later came across a piece of dashboard that could have belonged to his car.

Then on the 8th, an aircraft was brought in which located the man’s car, semi-submerged in the sea in the Torre Badum area. It appears that the car had plummeted down a cliff.

Guardia Civil divers were called in but the bad sea state put off operations until the next day.

Finally on the 9th of June at 10.00h with calmer seas, the divers were sent in. They discovered the body of the 53-year-old man in the interior of the car. A Maritime Rescue launch was dispatched to pick up the body and transfer it to the Peniscola fishing port.

Although an autopsy is pending, all indications point to the body belonging to the Frenchman who disappeared on the 27th of May.

(News: Peníscola, Castellon, Valencia)

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