Bee & Bee

GRA Wild Bees NestEver suspected that you have an uninvited lodger in your house? What about 80,000 of them? Yes, somebody discovered a wild bees nest in their bedroom wall.

It’s been that time of year when a rival queen bee will  fly off, taking a few thousand followers with her to set up shop elsewhere and sometimes that ‘somewhere’ can be quite inconvenient.

This particular ‘find’ was in Pinos Puentes about 12 days ago, behind a bedroom wall. A lot of buzzing had the house owners going crazy because they couldn’t sleep. A bee keeper specialised in removing bees nest was called in and because of the sheer size of this nest, it took him seven hours to remove it and deposit it in the wild.

If you do find a bees nest in your garden or somewhere around your house, don’t try and remove it yourself – get a specialist in because you seriously do not want to piss off 80,000 squatters.

(News: Pinos Puentes, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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