Guardsmen Found Guilty

AND Guardia Post Isla MayorFour Guardia Civil police officers have been sentenced up to 14 years imprisonment, in one case, for their participation in a drugs ring in Sevilla.

The police officers were stationed at the Comandancia de Isla Mayor but instead of working to eradicate the drugs traffic from North Africa, they made sure that shipments arrived without intervention by the Law.

The international drugs ring, specialised in smuggling in hashish from Morocco, had 18 members and numerous collaborators, most of whom received 8-year sentences, including the ring leader, Antonio R.C., alias El Negro.

The condemned police officers struck a deal with the Public Prosecutor, obtaining a sentence reduction in exchange for collaborating with the investigation. However, one of them, Sergeant Francisco Javier C.B., who was the Post Commander, refused to collaborate and received the full 14-year sentence.

The sergeant was found guilty of money laundering and drug trafficking amongst other charges.

He had struck a deal with El Negro whereby he would receive 6,000 euros when each shipment was arranged and 20,000 euros once they had been safely landed without incident. He had three other guardsmen at the post in on the deal, who would inform the smugglers when and where the Guardia Civil patrol would pass.

They also handed over the keys to a gate leading to the Doñana Natural Park in the Matochal area, so that the RIBs could land safely in this restricted area.

The judge rejected the sergeant’s claim that he was “just pretending” to participate in order to obtain information that would lead to the smugglers’ arrest.

(News: Sevilla, Andalucia)

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