Puppy Stuck in a Pipe

MOT Rescued PuppyIt looks like the Motril firemen are big softies after all after rescuing a puppy from a pipe where it had remained trapped for two days. It obviously makes a change from rescuing cats up trees to rescue dogs down holes.

It all started when the animal protection association, Olvidados found out via a Whatsapp exchange that somebody had heard muffled yelping coming from drainage pipe in Motril. So, one of their number went around to investigate.

Sure enough, out of reach but visible through a hole they could just make out the distressed animal. They couldn’t get her out (it was a bitch) but they could get food to her.

The next step was to contact the Policía Local, who in turn contacted the fire service. It didn’t take the fire personnel long to liberate 2-month-old Lili, as she is now called.

Now Olvidados are looking for a new home for Lili. This animal protection association receives, on average, a thousand dogs a year, so they really need to find new homes for these animals as soon as possible.

Lili, they imagine, was abandoned not long after being born – part of an unwanted litter from a bitch that hadn’t been spaded. It happens a lot, but a least in the case of Lili, she wasn’t stuck in a sack and dumped in a rubbish hopper… or worse.

It shouldn’t be difficult to find a home; after all, she’s only a puppy and cute. If you are interested yourself, or know somebody who might be, you can contact Olvidados via their facebook page, where you will find out more about them and/or contact gemagersom1981@gmail.com or Tel: 601 09 98 47.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: still from video)

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