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Puppy Stuck in a Pipe

It looks like the Motril firemen are big softies after all after rescuing a puppy from a pipe where it had remained trapped for two days. It obviously makes a change from rescuing cats up trees to rescue dogs down holes.

Monty the Mountain Goat

Mountain goats (or Spanish Ibex) can be seen on a regular basis if one hangs around Cerro Gordo in La Herradura, but are very rarely seen in Almuñécar.

Local Businesses

On a lighter note, where have I been this month? I popped up to El Mirador and saw Alix and Kevin, looking all refreshed and ready for another year of hard work, and producing fantastic food for all us lucky people. They have hit the ground running as usual, with a completely new menu, which…

Hubara Vets

I popped into to see Susi at her veterinary clinic in Salobreña, which is not far away from the Tourism Information Office. Susi Mesa, who is originally from Las Islas Canarias, met her husband, Javier when they were both studying to be veterinary surgeons in Córdoba. As he is from Salobreña, they decided to set up shop there.