Violent Cortijo Burglary

GRA Isolated CortijoTwo burglars broke into a cortijo in Baza area in the early hours of one Thursday, knowing that the owner was asleep inside.

The two intruders laid about the victim in such a manner as to require his being hospitalised with serious face and hip injuries.

The incident took place in the area known as the Canal de Jabalcón around two in the morning. The burglars beat the owner to get him to tell them where he kept his valuables but in the end they left with only what they could find.

The Guardia Civil an Policía Nacional are both investigating the burglary and assault. Although not related, there was a break-in back in September last year where a couple were also assaulted by several individuals. However, in this case the suspects were arrested.

Violent break-ins targeting isolated cortijos in the interior of the province are also on the rise, it appears, and not just flats and chalets on the Costa Tropical.

(News: Baza, Altiplano, Granada, Andalucia)

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