Meteorite Falls through Roof

AND Falling Object Makes HoleLocals from Cogollos de Guadix were surprised when a fiery object hurtled through a roof. Luckily, the house is uninhabited.

The incident occurred last Sunday after three locals saw three fireballs moving at very high speed heading towards the town. Eek!

Two fell in the campo whilst the third crashed through the roof tiles of a single-storey house on Calle Granada. Obviously, somebody hasn’t been going to church on Sundays, you might think, but to date the origin of these celestial postcards is unknown.

The Mayor, Eduardo Martos (PP), is waiting for a reply for his query from the University of Granada, who could ‘shed some light on the light that put a hole in the shed,’ sort of thing.

The object that crashed through the roof, which is thought to be somewhere under the rubble, left a hole nearly two metres across.

Finally, none of the astronomic tracking stations (Sierra Nevada, La SagraCalar Alto) picked up the supposed meteorites, which could indicate that the objects were, in effect, ball lightning. When there is a meteorite shower, the 112 call centre has dozens of people phoning in over a wide area, because they are high up and visible over a large area of territory but this was not the case on Sunday night. So, if, when the rubble is removed, there is no solid object found, then the only conclusion would be ball lightning.

No doubt, in either case, the local priest can expect a good turn out at next Sunday’s church service…

(News: Cogollos de Guadix, Altiplano, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: J.J.P.)

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