Brothels, Mickey Finns & Porkies

Thursday, January 31, 2019
By Martin Myall

SPN Night LifeThe Guardia Civil in Puerto Rico-Mogán, (Canary Islands), are investigating a foreign tourist, suspected of fraud. Read on!

The 47-year-old man, whose nationality has not been disclosed, allegedly spent 8,300 euros in night clubs and brothels and then reported that somebody had slipped him a mickey finn and stolen that quantity of money whilst he was unconscious.

The suspect made a statement before the Guardia Civil saying that he had been at a party with a friend in Puerto Rico when two women had invited him to a bar. There he consumed a drink in their company and then… remembered nothing. Fancy losing consciousness at the best part, but I digress.

He woke next morning to find that the two wicked, wanton women had used his cards to make several payments for the sum of 8,300 euros.

But the Guardia are a canny lot and can sniff out a porky when they hear one, so after examining CCTV footage from several naughty bars and interviewing a handful of people who remembered having seen him frequently in the shadier side of Puerto Rico, they came to the conclusion that he had nefariously spent copious amounts of money on hankypanky – gleefully, to boot.

He now faces charges of fraud, bless his slippery socks.

(News: Puerto Rico, Gran Canarias)

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