Speed Limit Changes

SPN New 90 Speed LimitBeware because as of Monday (28th) the new speed limits on national (N-340 for example) roads came into effect meaning that the top speed is 90 KPH.

The way it used to be was that national roads with a 1.5m hardshoulder on either side had a speed limit of 100 KPH. Those without sufficient hard shoulders were limited to 90 KPH. So, from now on all national roads, regardless of the existence of wide hard shoulders, are limited to 90 KPH.

The reason for this change was that studies showed that 75% of road accidents occurred on this kind of road; i.e., roads where the lanes in either direction are not separated by centre island, as is the case of autovías. In British terminology the ‘N’ roads are ‘main roads.’

The Ministry of Public Works has been frantically changing all the 100 KPH speed-limit signs and replacing them with the 90-KPH ones. That’s on all interurban roads but in the case of urban areas roads the top speed is now only 30 kph.

But it’s not all about speed limits as there will also be stiffer fines for mobile-phone use at the wheel.

There were 877 road deaths on national and back roads during the whole of Spain during 2018.

(News: Spain)

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