Skeleton Uncovered

ALM Skull Found in Church DigTwo archaeologists in Almuñécar are working on a human skeleton found under a stretch of the old-town wall known as the Puerta de Granada, next to the main church.

Municipal archaeologists Julia García González and Sara Pérez López were called in when workmen, carrying out work laying underground electricity mains for Endesa, came across a skeleton.

Given the proximity of the work to the church, a municipal archeologist (Sra Sara Pérez) had to be on hand. When the skull was uncovered she called in the head of the archaeological department, Sra. Julia García.

They were able to uncover several burial remains and stonework belonging to the town’s defensive walls. The human remains correspond to that of a Muslim, given the burial arrangements (the body lying on its right side, facing the Mecca).

As for the date, the find appears to belong to a period before the construction of the church (finished in 1600) as the foundations cover part of the Muslim burial ground.

Municipal archaeologists Elena Navas explained that although the remains require more investigation work, it would seem that the site is the maqbara; in other words, the graveyard of the Muslim fortress, al-Munnakab, dating to the Zirí Dynasty (11th Century), thus before the urban expansion of the town in the Nazarí era.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Dave Darby)

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