Wanted Irishman Found in Benidorm

SPN Irishman JC Arrested BenidormAn Irishman wanted for robbery and extortion, amongst other crimes, was arrested in Benidorm on Boxing day.

The 43-year-old, gang member, who answers to the initials J.C., allegedly targeted Asians, mainly, using violence and threats to obtain money from his victims.

The British National Crime Agency worked in conjunction with the Spanish Policía Nacional to bring about the arrest, despite the unwillingness of his victims to collaborate with the police and the ‘professional ability’ of the wanted man.

However, the NCA discovered that the accused, who had a European Arrest Warrant issued against him, planned to spend a few days in Benidorm, together with his family and had contacted the Spanish authorities, who managed to pin point where the man was staying.

(News: Benidorm, Alicante)

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