Stolen Cars Detected in ITVs

GRA Guardia Inspecting Stolen Vehicle GIATSo far this year, the Guardia Civil have recovered 15 cars in Granada that had been stolen in other EU countries and imported into Spain.

The ITV stations inform the police about every foreign car that goes through their testing centres, especially when they come across anomalies in a car documents, number plate or chassis number.

From there the Grupo de Investigación y Análisis de Tráfico de la Guardia Civil (GIAT) inspect the vehicles, too, and investigate to find out if the incongruences are a consequence of the vehicle having been stolen.

For example, following up from an ITV-station report the GIAT discovered that a man from the city of Granada was trying to obtain Spanish plates for a French-registered car. But the thieves had made a mistake: they had changed the chassis number using the number of another car of the same make and using duplicate number plates. However, it turned out that the new identify they had chosen was that of a car which had been stolen as well so the ‘new’ chassis number was on the Schengen Area, stolen-car list.

The latest car to be recovered by the GIAT team in the province was on the 6th of November. Another resident of the city was trying to get Spanish plates for a people carrier with French plates whose chassis number (VIN) was on the stolen-vehicle records in Germany.

These 15 stolen cars were valued at a total of 431,000 euros, six of which were stolen in Italy, four in France, two in Germany and one in Belgium, Romania and the UK, respectively.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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