Changes to Road Usage

The Director General de Tráfico, Pere Navarro, after several meetings, is backing certain new measures, such as a reduction of speed limits.

The meetings have been with the Sociedad Española de Salud Pública y Administración Sanitaria (Sespas) and together with their respective experts they have decided to propose tighter checks on the correct use of crash helmets and exams for motorbike cylinders of up to 125cc.

Also, the minimum age of moped riders should be raised to 16-years old.

National roads that presently have a maximum speed limit of 110 kph could be reduced to just 90 kph. There should be a unified speed limit for lorries, large vans and buses of only 80 kph where the road has less that 1.5m of hard shoulder on either side.

It should be pointed out that under present legislation the top speed on a national road is 110 with 1.5m hard shoulders on either side and 90 where there is not.

Alcohol levels to be brought into line with other European countries and zero alcohol permitted for minors with moped licences.

Smoking in cars where their are children as passengers should be forbidden.

Finally the use of mobile phones whilst at the wheel of a vehicle should be revised urgently, as it is behind most road accidents.

(News: Spain)

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