A Murder Most Spanish

Thursday, October 11, 2018
By David Darby

Book: Murder most spanishI really like a good murder mystery. A haunted and flawed detective, accompanied by his troubled yet clever side-kick, piecing together clues and riding the setbacks. Throw in a couple of baddies and a beautiful woman and you’ve got your ingredients.

Well, if you take all those elements, plonk them down in 17th-Century Salobreña then you’ve got a superb read called, A Murder Most Spanish, by Jefferson Bonar.

We’ve all driven past Salobreña and some of us have even lived there, but this well written, page turner brings the historical Salobreña to life. The fast moving plot flows and links well, with Bonar’s descriptive passages giving the story a real 1600’s authenticity. At one point I could almost feel the heat of the burning sugar cane on my back!

The hero of the tale, Domingo Armada, a constable of the Holy Brotherhood and his trusty side-kick, Lucas, arrive in the town from Granada to investigate a murder. Little did they know how much the investigation would take out them, both physically and mentally. But when Armada sets his mind to catching a killer, there is very little that can stop him.

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The story twists and turns throughout, but never confuses. Domingo Armada comes across as a tough but fair investigator, who is struggling with his own demons brought home from a South American conflict, with his post in the Holy Brotherhood, righting wrongs and ensuring justice, somehow dissipating the deep-felt guilt over his actions long ago, on another continent, which he carries constantly.

If you live on the Costa Tropical this book is a must. However, no matter where you live in the world, the pleasing writing style, excellent plot and well rounded characters make this a good read for everyone.

The front cover of the book describes it as a Domingo Armada novel; here’s one reader that hopes to re-enter the dangerous, sad and brilliant world of Sr. Armada again and again.

A Murder Most Spanish is available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle form.

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I reviewed my own novel Driven and wrote “The grammatical errors in Mr. Darby’s ‘work’ are only surpassed by the spelling mistakes which begin on the front cover, which clearly should have read Drivel.”

A bit harsh I felt, but you’ve got to accept the rough with the smoothe when dealing with these reviewers…

(Book Review: A Murder Most Spanish)

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