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A Murder Most Spanish

I really like a good murder mystery. A haunted and flawed detective, accompanied by his troubled yet clever side-kick, piecing together clues and riding the setbacks.

What Can You Get For €10

Not a lot… especially in these economically difficult times. Unless, of course, you are a Seaside Gazette reader, in which case you can get a €10 voucher for a full year of Gazette PDF downloads!

‘Driven’ Book Publication

As the editor of The Seaside Gazette hard copy, my time is rather limited for any other ventures. However, some seven or eight years ago I wrote a novel, which has been pretty much collecting dust ever since.
Well, the other day I thought ‘if you don’t do something with it now, you never will.’
So, with no proof read or re-write beforehand, I have published it on Amazon Kindle.
It’s a thriller, with the action starting in rural England and ending up here on the Costa Tropical. It was extremely good fun to write and I sincerely hope anyone that reads it gets some pleasure from it as well.