Chiringuito Hoyo 19 Demolished

MOT Hoyo 19 DemolishedChiringuito 19th Hole, which was situated between Playa Poniente and Playa Granada, has been completely demolished.

This emblematic beach bar on Punta del Santo has long been a key element in the town’s beach life. But fear not because business owner, Jose Lemos, is going to build it again, but closer to the paseo, in line with the laws governing the coast.

In fact, the idea is to have Hoyo 19 built, up and running, by the spring; i.e., March, in time to celebrate its 19th birthday

This ‘pheonix’ rebirth will be the second one – locals will remember when a fire gutted it in 2009, leaving only a concrete shell.

The new look, come spring, will be 80% wood and the other 20% in an open air style, along the lines of Santorini or Ibiza

But the Hoyo 19 is not the only chiringuito on Motril’s beaches to get an overhaul as El Espeto and La Marea will be reonovated, whereas Sunhara and El Bambú already sport more modern looks.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Ideal)

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