Theft and Vandalism

ALM Stolen Shotgun RecoveredThe Guardia Civil managed to recover a shotgun and other items that had been stolen from a car within the municipality of Almuñécar on the 20th of September.

Three members from the same family in Almuñécar, aged 51, 26 and 19, are being investigated over this theft.

The suspects arrived at Los Bañuelos on a motorcycle where they found a parked 4×4 with the gun inside. The car owner and a friend had gone there to carry out a night shoot for wild boars.

The thieves not only stole the shotgun, but also made off with a mobile phone and a camera.

Not content with the theft, it seems, the suspects also allegedly damaged the car to such an extent that the owner was unable to move it; he had to call out a breakdown lorry: three tyres had been slashed and the back window smashed, together with a headlight and brake-light. They also damaged a front and rear door.

Once informed, the Guardia Civil soon managed to recover the stolen items and identify the three men as the alleged culprits of theft and damage to property.

Editorial comment: one can understand theft if the culprit is in desperate need of money; understand it but not justify it, but wanton vandalism like this? This is just an act that shows what a piece of human offal the perpetrator is, surely?

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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