Banknotes Littering Autovía

SPN Money Found on MotorwayA Guardia Civil road check was tipped off about almost 250,000 euros that had been jettisoned onto the roadside near their checkpoint. They had been alerted to its presence by a motorist.

The find took place on the 26th on a section of the A-4 where it passes through Tembleque (Madrid). Several patrol cars turned up and between them scooped up all the euro banknotes.

The money broke down into: one defective 100 euro note, one forged 50-euro note and 234,890 euros in legal tender.

The Guardia Civil expressed their thanks to the citizen that contacted them about the money and emphasised that the police force’s own emergency number is 062, which is manned 24/7. They have also begun an investigation into where the money came from.

Editorial comment: would you risk your life running about on a motorway trying to scoop up banknotes, had you spotted them as you flashed by? Perhaps they hadn’t been deliberately jettisoned but sucked out of an open window?

(News: Madrid)

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