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Chinese Cash Flow

By Vivienne Hughes

Four Chinese citizens were arrested onboard an aircraft bound for Istanbul awaiting take off, suspected of illicit money movements. »

Banknotes Littering Autovía

By Hugh MacArthur

A Guardia Civil road check was tipped off about almost 250,000 euros that had been jettisoned onto the roadside near their check point. »

Bin Bag Booty

By Hugh MacArthur

The municipal police in Granada were pretty impressed by a homeless man who was carting around over 18,000 euros in bank notes in a black, rubbish bag... »

Cash in the Boot

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil came across a driver with 600,000 euros in the boot of his car without any indication as to where it had come from. »

New Banknotes Next Month

By Vivienne Hughes

The new 20-euro notes will come into circulation on the 25th of next month. »

Not Again!

By Martin Myall

Throwing thousands of euros in banknotes out of the window appears to be becoming an Olympic sport in the Province of Granada... »

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