Infrequently Emptied Bins

Almuñécar has a lot of recycling bins… but how often do they get emptied? The answer is probably too infrequently.

While it appears to be the case in many municipalities, it was in Almuñécar that an opposition leader brought up the matter, criticising that the bins always seem to be overflowing, forcing citizens to leave their waste next to the bins rather than inside them.

Councillor Fermín Tejero, spokesperson for the IU party, asks whether the company or companies that have the municipal contract for the collection of separated rubbish: paper & cardboard, clothes, plastic containers and glass, are not falling down on their obligations.

He points out that this inefficiency does not only lead to the street being littered but that it is also a public health risk.

He praised the citizens of the municipality for taking the time to separate their rubbish and transport it to the closest bin corresponding to the type of waste they have.

“Now all we need is for the Town Hall to do its part and make sure that there are a sufficient number of bins and that they are emptied regularly,” he concluded.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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