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Locals’ Opinions Needed

With the imminent remodeling of the Kelibia Square, the almuñécar branch of Izquierda Unida had the following observation to make: “The layout of public space cannot be let up to private companies, which is why it is a mistake not to count on the locals,” stated the IU Spokesman, Fermín Tejero.

Seeing to Believe

The Almuñécar IU councillors have had a look around the Aquarium, accompanied by municipal experts. What they saw convinced them that the people of Almuñécar should see first hand what state it is in.

Los Corrales Dead in the Water?

The Izquierda Unida councillor, Fermín Tejero, has denounced the fact that the Los Corrales project in La Herradura has not stirred in five years. According to the said councillor, the inactive state of the project is down to bad management on the part of the previous municipal administration under Juan Carlos Benavides.