Impractical Beach-Concessions Law

The local branch of the socialist party (PSOE) for Almuñécar & La Herradura wants to change the coastal law governing the renewal of beach concessions.

The Reglamento General de Costas was brought into being by the previous Central Government under Mariano Rajoy in 2014 and rewrote how beach concessions should be renewed and what stipulations had to be adhered to.

These stipulations have had very controversial affects on beach-based businesses in La Herradura, especially, obligating them to move to the extremities of the bay, which are completely unsuitable for water sports because of the rocks.

Not only that, but one end (Peña Parda) is already occupied by a chiringuito (Chambao de Vicente), so it is physically impossible to conform to the requisites for renewing the beach-concession licence.

The Secretary General for the PSOE, Rocío Palacios, considers that when the law was drawn up, the physical form of beaches was not taken into consideration, which has led to impositions impossible to comply with.

For this reason he has registered a motion for the next Plenary Meeting of the Town Council, calling upon the Town Hall to request a modification to the said law before both the Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing & Food so that it takes into account the topography of the coast when it comes to renewing beach concessions.

Editorial comment: well, that’s what you get when an administration situated 500 kilometres from the nearest beach decides to draw up regulations without going anywhere near one. Only an inept lunatic would consider that launching and landing small craft from a rock-strewn shore is conducive to safety.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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