Radical Rábita Imam Expelled

Friday, September 14, 2018
By Martin Myall

SPN Policia NacionalThe Policía Nacional, acting on orders from the Ministry of the Interior, have expelled a radical Iman from La Rábita over his extremist and violent messages. The expulsion was carried out last Friday.

According to the police, this 39-year-old Moroccan religious leader had taken advantage of his influence over Muslim residents in the province of Granada.

The Imam preached that the Spanish Constitution was contrary to the interpretation of the Law of God and proposed, in its place, the Sharia Law Code.

But it goes further because as the religious leader for the Muslim community in La Rábita, he supported the non-integration of Muslims into Spanish society.

And then there’s his words on Muslim women not obeying the dress code; i.e., failing to wear a niqab.

The same expulsion system had previously been applied to Vice-Chairman of the Unión de Comunidades Islámicas de Cataluña and the Chairman of Centro Cultural Islámico Imam Malik de Salt (Girona), Mohamed Attaouil.

(News: La Rabita, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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