Almuñecar Mercadona Rebellion

ALM miguel puyol mercadonaThere are many miffed people in Almuñécar after the firing of a very popular Mercadona worker at the P4 branch of the supermarket chain.

In the eyes of his fellow workers, Miguel Puyol suffered an unfair dismisal and consequently, they are convoking a protest on the 15th of August, calling on work companions, friends, Mercadona customers and Almuñécar residents in general to join them.

The protest will take place at 09.00h on Wednesday the 15th outside the doors of the supermarket concerned. The 15th is a public holiday, so it will be closed, so there can be no legal comebacks from the protest.

Miguel Puyol had worked for the supermarket chain for almost 20 years with exemplary service and according to work companions this situation has come about owing to “the incomprehensible attitude” of the shop coordinator, who arrived two years ago. Since her arrival, one worker considers, it has been nothing but problems and the coordinator has “had it in for Miguel from start.”

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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