Legless Lamb Mystery Solved

AND Legless Lamb MysteryReaders might remember an article in December on the man who found his 2-month-old lamb with its legs amputated. It was his child’s pet.

At the time the social media was alive on how heartless and “sick” the culprit must be to do such a thing and some even speculated that it was the hideous work of a satanic sect.

The owner had even gone so far as to offer a 500-euro reward for anybody that gave information that would lead to the arrest of the culprit

Nearly six months later, the culprit has been found: the owner’s own Pit-bull pup, which was not even a year old at the time.

The Guardia Civil had combed the small holding in search of biological clues, amongst them, the dog’s droppings, as there was animal hair in the sample that they had taken.

Finally, their own crime labs (Departamento de Química y Medio Ambiente del Servicio de Criminalística de la Guardia Civil) came up with a positive DNA reading corresponding with a sheep.

As a result of this discovery the lamb owner could be charged with animal cruelty through incompetence, having failed to control a dog breed catalogued as dangerous.

(News: Rincon de la Victoria, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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