Persistent Plastic Mocks Costas

ECO Playa Pozuelo, AlbuñolThe greenhouses have gone, demolished, but some of the plastic refuse hasn’t; it’s littering Playa El Pozuelo (municipality of Albuñol).

It was Costas that ordered the demolition of greenhouses that had stood for some 40 years on land that had been thrown up by a flood in the 70s. Locals had begun farming this new land as it belonged to nobody and they wouldn’t have to labour for a pittance on a landlord’s lands.

Finally, in November last year, the bulldozers moved in and tore down 30 greenhouses but what happened to the plastic? Costas swears blind that it was collected up and deposited in the correct rubbish-treatment centres, yet this statement is belied by damning evidence to the contrary.

However, Costas claims that this plastic was the the refuse from greenhouses taken down by their owners themselves, before Costa’s bulldozer’s rolled forward.

The Central Government, to whom Costas belongs, promises that the demolition and clean up has not concluded and that all the plastic on the beaches will be collected up and processed

Editorial comment: Costas says it intends to return the land to its natural state… do they intend to dig it all up and lorry it up into the mountains again, then?

(News: Albunol, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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