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Motril Hill Fire

AND Infoca Chopper Water Bombing

The sky behind Motril was alive with the coming and going of a helicopter yesterday, which is hardly surprising as there was a fire in the hills behind the town.

Green Mamola

ECO Cannabis in Mamola Greenhouses 400x250 MY22

Whilst down on La Mamola beach it’s covered in Asian seaweed, it turns out that six greenhouse in La Mamola are covered in Moroccan weed… cannabis!

The White Pledge

MOT Compromiso Blanco Signing FB21

Motril is the first town in the province to join the Compromiso Blanco, which is a Junta initiative to reduce agricultural plastic waste.

Nacla Fire Suspects charge

MOT Nacla Fire Helicopter July 2019

The regional police belonging to the Junta de Andalucía have tracked down two people, thought to be responsible for the recent fire in the Cortijo de la Nacla area. They have been charged with causing a forest fire through negligence.