Radio Commentator Goes Too Far

SPN Federico Jiménez LosantosA Spanish radio commentator, Federico Jiménez Losantos, observed that there are 200,000 Germans in the Balearic Islands as potential hostages. Why? Read on.

Sr Losantos considers that “a disgusting German judge” had insulted Spain, treated it as if it were Mauritania, because the said judge wouldn’t be handing over the Catalan ex-Prime Minister as requested through a European Arrest Warrant (EAW).

He considers that this decision is typical of Northern-Europe, Protestant Racism against the Catholic South. Never since Democracy returned to Spain has the country been so insulted.

Neither were his words towards the Mariano Rajoy Central Government, which he considered had wimped out: “No merecéis ni que os dejen entrar en casa, imbéciles” (You don’t even deserve to be allowed back through your own front door!)

Well, Sr. Losantos may be up before a magistrate after this tirade against Germany and suggesting that German citizens in Spain could be held as hostages.

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