Castell Men in Court

provincial lawcourts of granadaThe Public Prosecutor at the Granada law courts is recommending a 12-year prison sentence for a man in connection with a violent incident in Castell de Ferro.

On the 21st of Novemer 2010 a glassing incident (use of a broken drinking glass as a weapon) at a disco called El Molino, which is on the old Málaga road.

The accused, Jaime P.M. had been drinking with a friend, Diego José C. at the said discotheque. Then, around 04.00h both men went onto the dance floor where they coincided with two brothers.

According to the Public Prosecutor, D.J.C., without warning, slashed one of the brother’s face with his broken glass whilst J.P.M. did the same to the other brother.

The second man attacked suffered lacerations to the skull and face, as well as to his right eye. Apart from being left with facial scars, he also lost the injured eye.

Immediately afterwards the two accused went outside where they confronted the doorman, who told them leave the premises. However, D.J.C., punched him, instead, and threatened to “cut him up.”

Although both men did leave the scene of the incident, D.J.C. returned an hour later in possession of a sharp ham knife with a 20cm blade and again attacked the doorman, wounding him in the hand.

The P.C. accuses J.P.M. of Grevious Bodily Harm with malicious intent, recommending that he be given a 12-year sentence and be banned from residing in Castell de Ferro or coming withing 200 metres of the victim during a period of 20 years.

As for his companion on the night, D.J.C., the P.C. accuses him of G.B.H. and A.B.H, recommending a 5-year prison term, together with a ban on residing in the said town and a 200 metre court order, as well.

The case will be heard on the 20th of April in the Court of the First Instance in Granada.

(News: Castell de Ferro, Costa Tropial, Granada, Andalucia)

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