Runaway Butane Lorry

GRA GC Married QuartersA runaway butano lorry careered into several parked cars in Granada before ploughing into the concrete barrier around the Guardia Civil quarters.

The incident occurred at 10.30h in the morning of the 6th on city-centre street, Calle Julio Moreno Dávila.

Apparently the driver had got out of the lorry to carry out a butane-bottle delivery, having parked on a hill. The driver says that he had applied the handbrake but the Policía Local is looking into this as he might have simply forgotten to apply it. In fact, the driver claims that somebody deactivated it.

The lorry moved off, gathering speed, hitting five parked vehicles before crossing the traffic-light-governed T-junction and knocking over two large concrete slabs that run around the GC married quarters.

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However, the only people injured were three people in one of the damaged parked cars, which which had been waiting at traffic lights. It also knocked over a pedestrian, who was taken to the new PTS Hospital, but nobody is said to have been seriously injured.

Editorial comment: most people who park on a hill, not only apply the handbrake but leave it in gear, with the wheels turned towards the kerb, so it is surprising that the butane-lorry driver did not.

Secondly, the reason that the concrete barrier exists is because during the many active years of the Basque terrorist group, ETA, they attacked GC married quarters. Therefore in today’s world of suicide terrorists, that would have been a textbook, terrorist attack.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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