Illegal Fishing & Burglary

LHR Illegal FishingTwo young divers were caught red-handed with 38 kilos of illegal catch by the Policía Local in La Herradura, whilst in Almuñécar two burglars were caught.

The divers were nabbed, thanks to a tip-off from locals, as they were carrying a tub containing 32 octopuses and six cuttlefishes up the beach. They were also carrying their spearguns.

They police booked them for “illegal fishing and being in possession of species below the minimum size limit,” as well as not having a permit for category seven arms (the spearguns).

They were also charged with resisting arrests (trying to run for it when told to halt), which is probably the most serious thing they are facing as the other charges are minor offences meriting little more than a fine, according the Police Chief, Manuel Ledesma.

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In a separate incident, the municipal police in Almuñécar surprised two men committing a burglary in a flat after receiving an alert from a neighbour who had heard knocks and other sounds in a next-door, empty dwelling.

A police patrol was despatched and when they arrived they found that the bars on a window had been forced. Once inside they surprised two men dismantling the plumbing and lighting fixtures.

(News: Herradura/Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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