The Day After The Storm

ALM Storm DamageYes, it was very, very windy and one look at any beach on Costa Tropical will confirm it.

Big signs on Velilla Beach were flattened, beach walk-ways skewed and stranded and palms ravaged, so that the beach-maintenance crews had their work cut out for them.

Meanwhile, 20 kilometres inland and 700 metres up, the big Spanish oak tree beside the cortijo creaked and thrashed maliciously over my parked, cringing car.

On other coasts around the east of Spain there were even tornadoes-cum-waterspouts, meanwhile Gibraltar and the Cádiz coastline took a good pasting.

Closer to home but over the border in the Axarquia, the El Ingenio Shopping Centre lost several sections of plastic roofing over the outside parking resulting in the local fire service having to cordoned off the affected parking areas. Fortunately nobody was hurt and amazingly, none of the parked cars were damaged.

(news: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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