Pago de Guerra Tarmacking

There’s plenty of tarmacking going on in the hills behind La Herradura with country lanes being surfaced and the roadsides tidied.

The area in question belongs to the Pago de Guerra (Camino de Guerra) with 750m of this access lane affected.

The original budget was 62,062 euros. Geocomanos SL won with a bid of 35,903.65 euros, plus IVA.

Work began with cutting back the roadside vegetation and then preparing the surface for the tarmac (levelling and rolling).

The affected section lies between Cortijo de Andrés and the Era next to Albita. An era is a threshing ground but nowadays most are just round, flat areas used for parking or turning.

Besides the road surface itself, 625 metres of concrete culverts will be laid, as well as badenes (humps) to direct the surface water.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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