Light Plane Down

AXA Aircraft DownThe Axarquia airfield, Leoni Benabú, near Vélez-Málaga is running up a hairy reputation, especially after another light aircraft from there crash landed.

The accident occurred Thursday morning when the aircraft came down in an avocado plantation next to the Benamocarra bridge, according to the fire service.

The 61-year-old pilot, E.G.M. from Colombia, walked away from the crash – a lucky man. He had informed the control tower that the aircraft had engine trouble and he was attempting to return to the airfield, but he ended up gliding down from some 300 metres after the engine failed and carried out a forced landing in the said field.

The fire service and ambulance soon arrived at the scene but the pilot, apart from complaining of a strong backache was otherwise unhurt.

The Leoni Benabú Airfield has a problematic record for flying accidents with the last one occurring in January 2017 when a pilot and passenger died when their aircraft also came down in an avocado field, but near the river. Between 2003 and 2013 a eight people lost their lives in flying accidents, using this airfield.


(News: Velez-Malaga, Axarquia, Malaga, Andalucia)

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