Obit: Marianne Lindahl

Obit Marianne Lindahl

Marianne Lindahl 1936-2017

Our beautiful, multi-talented and quick-witted Marianne passed away after a short illness in Helsinki, Finland on December 11th, 2017.

Literature was something she enjoyed and grew up with, both on her father’s and mother’s side. Her favorite authors were Somerset Maugham, Eugene O´Neill, Gustav Fröding, Rabelais, Emile Zola, Frans G. Bengtson, P.G.Woodhouse, Sofie Oksanen and Leo Tolstoy.

She had a Masters in Economics and worked as a PR Manager in a consultancy firm. She was fluent in several languages: Swedish as her mother tongue, Finnish, English, French, German and Spanish.

She painted in her youth and took up painting again after retiring and moving to Spain. Her first exhibition was in Spain in  2002. Her paintings in oil are full of color and they frequently catch a moment in her beloved Almunecar; its beauty, light and its vivid life. Her favorite painters were Monet, Van Gogh and Hugo Simberg.

Marianne is greatly missed by husband Karl, children John, Martina and Robin, nine grandchildren and five great grandchildren and all her wonderful friends in the Málaga area.

Mummy, I am so proud and thankful for the love and guidance you gave us. We will continue to live to your motto: Carpe Diem.

Sweet dreams,
Your daughter Martina

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