Plumber Kidnapped

GRA Kidnapped PlumberA 64-year-old woman has been arrested in Granada for kidnapping a plumber; better said, retaining him against his will until he had finished a job.

The woman insisted that he installed a water-heater; something he was unwilling to attempt owing to a lack of space: the woman had bought a water-heater herself, but it was too big for the given space, so he couldn’t install it.

After 20 minutes of this situation and realising that she just was not going to let him go, the plumber phoned the police, telling them that he was being held against his will by a customer, giving them the address.

The Policía Nacional came to the flat and were let in by the woman – she had been keeping the front door locked with the key firmly in her pocket. When asked why she was stopping the plumber from leaving she said that she simply could not do without hot water any longer.

They explained that they understood her demand but even so that she could not kidnap a plumber in this fashion. She wouldn’t budge though, so they reluctantly arrested her and freed the plumber.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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