Dog Abandoned Down Well

SPN Dog Down a WellThe Policía Local, Fire Service and an animal protection service have rescued a dog that was trapped down a dry well in an area of Badajoz (Extremadura).

The incident took place at 08.15h on Wednesday the 15th when the municipal police received a call from a local in the Barrio de Llera area of the city saying that he could hear the howls of an animal from within a well. The well is on a piece of wasteland.

The police arrived first, who confirmed there was indeed a dog, at the bottom, 2.5 metres down.

They called in an animal protection association and the fire service to bring the dog out, using a harness and ladder.

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The dog, which didn’t have a microchip or collar, was suffering from acute hunger and thirst, and appears to have been deliberately abandoned in this fashion.

(News: Badajoz, Extremadura)

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