Dog Attack Ends in Amputations

SPN Dog AttackAn elderly woman has undergone the amputation of both legs after a brutal attack by her neighbour’s dogs.

The incident occurred on Sunday the 5th in Covelo (Pontevedra) when the 82-year-old woman found herself cornered by two ferocious dogs.

The victim, María Dolores A.B., tried in vain to pull herself up onto a wall but was instead dragged over 30 metres by the dogs.

If it had been just the case of bites, it would not have been so bad, but the animals actually devoured her legs, owing to having not been fed for some time, it is suspected.

The woman was rushed to Hospital Álvaro Cunqueiro in Vigo where her condition is described as very serious, owing to her advanced aged, the psychological trauma suffered and the wounds resulting in amputation.

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Apparently, the dogs, which were not registered and had no chips, had escaped from their owners property, one of which was a cross between a boxer and a bulldog, and the other a straight bulldog.

The dogs have been placed in a dog compound and the owner charged and released without bail pending investigations and trial.

(News: Covelo, Pontevedra, Galicia)

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